Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison is an American poet in touch with the land and low pulse of the echos that reverberate from it. He is often compared to Hemingway and Faulkner, romantic yes, but he writes with much more grit and rawness than either. I listened to him read “Larson’s Holstein Bull” while playing a Anthony Bourdain episode in the back ground; four lines into the 12 verse poem and I stopped what I was doing to turn around and listen in quiet reverence.

It struck a mighty cord with me and I became committed to creating a piece in the same vein of the poem. My sculpture failed but that may have been a subtle blessing in disguise. I began to see beyond the obvious, knee jerk violence that was depicted and saw the emotional stream that was passing through the unmentioned character in the poem. I may be reaching but I can help but think that it was a deliberate act and reaction. Harrison talks about a memory that must be as fresh as when it was occurring, a phenomenon that impacts our everyday.

Image result for holstein bull ranch


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