Alexandra Kehayoglou



For this week’s post I decided to write about an inspiring fiber artist, Alexandra Kehayoglou. Kehayoglou creates amazing wool rugs that are reminiscent of natural landscapes. Her unique hand-tufted rugs are a lengthy process which sometimes takes many months to complete. The wool used for the rugs comes from the scraps left over at her family’s Buenos Aires rug factory. The rugs are nostalgically inspired by the history of rug weaving in her family as well as nature-inspired by the beauty of her home country, Argentina.


Kehayoglou masterfully creates organic-appearing, whimsical works which I personally would love to have in my own home. These organic creations inspire in me both a child-like awe and a deeper appreciation for the fiber arts while also pleasing my nature-loving side. In terms of my ceramics this motivates me to continue to explore textures on my forms and possibly attempt my idea of mossy-appearing surfaces while also stimulating thoughts of complimenting my ceramics with fiberart.


Post by Jamie Woodard

Sources and Images:

Google Images


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