Clare Conrad

There was not much biographical information to be found about Clare Conrad, but here is what little I gathered. She graduated in 1987 with a BA in Ceramics from the University of West of England in Bristol. She appears to be a native to England and works out of her studio in Northampton. She exhibits her work internationally.


The main reason I was drawn to Conrad’s work is the surface texture and aesthetic of her ceramics. The application of varying colors of vitreous slips in an irregular manner gives the pieces the appearance of old peeling paint – of decaying metal or corroding enamel. It is no wonder I am drawn to this work as it seems that Conrad is inspired by some of the same aesthetics that I am drawn to as well. Her interest in decay and weathering really hits home for me and when I read the following line I felt further drawn to her work… “In my work I try to capture the poignant beauty and drama of weathering and corrosion – the point of balance between existence and decay.”


I find the simple forms with a limited color palette combined with the raw-looking texture to be striking in their minimalism. I would love to possibly incorporate this type of texture into my own work.

Post by Jamie Woodard

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