Benjamin Cirgin by Jenny Clarkson

Benjamin Cirgin received his Bachelor of Fine Art, Ceramics Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana in 2013. In 2016 Cirgin completed his Master of Fine Art Candidate, California College of the Arts San Francisco, California. As a teacher he started teaching at a studio in Bloomington, Indiana and worked his way up to now teaching at Mills College, Oakland California as an artist lecture and instructor. When talking about teaching Cirgin said, “It becomes a way to connect to each student, a way to exchange ideas, and a conversation that continuously cultivates a sustainable studio practice.” Cirgin’s goal is create an environment that gives students the space to challenge what they know and understand.

Benjamin Cirgin works equally on his ability to create art as he does on his ability to teach it. This type of attitude is the type of attitude that I as an art major and art ed major strive to have. He inspires his students with his own work just as he inspires them with conversing with them about their own work. His work its self has a very earthy quality to it. It is interesting that he can work in multiple style and medium, but have all of them connected. The pieces I really enjoy of his is his cups that resemble lava/Crystal formation growing up the sides.


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