Richard Burkett by Jenny Clarkson

Richard Burkett started his work in ceramics in 1970 with a summer job throwing ashtrays on the potter’s wheel for Richard Peeler. Establishing his own Wild Rose Pottery in 1973 on a farm near Bainbridge Indiana, Burkett made salt glazed pottery for about ten years. 1983, Burkett went back to school to complete a dual MFA in ceramics and phototography at Indiana University. Since then he has taught ceramics. Some places he has taught include; university of Wisconsin-Madison, and San Diego State University. Burkett can create functional to mixed-media sculptures. Burkett has wrote multiple books and software. one of his more notable ones is Hyperglaze, for Macintosh and Windows.

What first pulled me in to this artist was his style of cups. A lot of his stuff has an earthy like style to them. Majority of his pieces have a copper glaze, golden glaze matched with other browns or a light blue. LL of his earth toned glazes have this look of a rough texture. I really enjoy his choice of colors and styles of his cups. Very industrial looking.


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