Adrienne Eliades


I discovered Adrienne on and immediately was drawn to the layers and patterns of her work. She is a recent MFA graduate from University of Florida and has exhibited nationally and locally in Gainesville, FL and has received several grants in order to travel and expand her work.

Adrienne creates functional tableware, often making coffee sets or multiple part trays and of course, mugs. Looking through her work has been inspiring in thinking about my own sets. She uses very simple “streamlined” forms that she then decorates and divides into sections with the glazes she uses. Her patterns are whimsical, simple, and aesthetically pleasing to me. I see the variety of the colors and soft hued glazes that she uses reflected in my own work.


Besides her sets and patterns inspiring me, Adrienne uses wire to add to the decorative aspect of her work. Using kiln wire as part of the functionality of my pieces is something I would eventually like to experiment with and incorporate into larger pieces as handles or feet.

-Melody Monroe



Adrienne Eliades



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