Saturo Hoshino

Saturo Hoshino is a Japanese installation and ceramic artist who works with clay in a very rudimentary manner. He graduated from university in 1971 and in 1986 lost his studio in a landslide. After many years of working in ceramics, the landslide which destroyed his studio also fostered a shift in direction of Hoshino’s work. This shift manifested in a new relationship with his medium. He makes his work in cooperation with the clay versus asserting control over it. His approach is considered more primitive and he feels that he works in harmony with the essence of the medium.


Hoshino literally leaves his fingerprints on his work. It is an aspect of his creations that is highlighted, and it is done so on purpose. I find this intriguing, since many of us, as ceramic artists, make it a point to erase those hints of our touch on the clay. Hoshino’s embracement of his mark upon the clay is emphasized in his creations of landscape like vessels and organic installations. I find his work to be somewhat meditative with its simple rhythmic flow and organic forms.


Post by Jamie Woodard

Source and Images:

Satoru Hoshino


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