Jessica Brandl

Jessica Brandl is a ceramic artist most known for the illustrative twist she gives to functional ceramics.  Through and through, she is a midwestern artist, and this affiliation with life in America’s heartland can be seen in both the scenes she creates, and how she depicts them.


Her subjects she draws on ceramic-ware all give the impression of a space lived in; the mundane exhibited elegantly.  Landscapes of houses, farmlands, boats or discarded objects forgotten and antiqued over time; Brandl gives the viewer a taste of life in the midwest, recording what she sees.

How she depicts her subjects is interesting as well. She captured the faded, unsaturated hues that make the color pallet of the area so unique.  I would also go as far to say that she pushes those colors to an antiqued and retro pallet, adding a layer of sentimentality and interest to her work.


What I like best about Brandl’s work is the darker underlying tones beneath what could first be construed as a just a landscape, or just a house.  There is also a sense of humor Brandl utilizes, adding text to scenes in an inappropriate, ironic way. I would say Brandl’s work is about noticing something new each time you look at it, receiving a new response and forcing the viewer to delve into a new psychological layer. A flower-in a graveyard-the words ‘oh shit!’ in the sky. All in all, she gives an interesting addition to the modern ceramic world, one that I am a fan of.


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