Kristen Morgin

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Kristen Morgin an artist based in LA, California, having received her MFA from Alfred, and teaching for a number of years at UCLA, she has now moved on to her own personal studio and lives off of her art work. Her work methods involve wire armatures and unfired clay built into objects from the past. They are large scale and demonstrate knowledge and control of a difficult material while encouraging the pieces themselves to deteriorate, a tension that grips at the sensibility of such actions.

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Morgin’s art works have a sense of obsolescence, nostalgia, and neglect. She speaks about eras that are familiar but with which she says she has no personal ties to, creating to become familiar with the imagery, possibilities, in effect building “honorary monuments” that are more fragile than their source counterparts. Through these pieces she asks the audience to examine threat of termination when it comes to objects and practices as the world continues to cast off the old in search of the new and better.

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Kristen honors the world of high craft and tradition in her building methods but adds new interpretations as she mixes glue, concrete, and the ever present threat of destruction into the mix. The well constructed, quietly disintegrating objects begin to create a cacophony of bass notes that strike at the core structure of what it means to live in a society that is continually consuming and discarding as a whole. As an individual self preservation is key, in Morgin’s work the individual(object) has been cast aside, their stories and usefulness regarded as refuse and rubble to build over. Her objects silently testify to the audience that as they were once prized and valued, you may share a similar fate, their fight to remain relevant in the present depends on our ability to care for and preserve them.


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