Birdie Boone


Birdie Boone, an artist that I was introduced to during the 2015 NCECA Conference (not personally introduced, but that would have been wonderful). Birdie actually received a B.A. in Fine Arts from The College of William and Mary in Virginia in 1994, and her B.F.A. in Artisanry/Ceramics from the University of Massachusetts in 2005. She is most known for her long term standing at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts from 2007-2009. Boone is also known for her tableware and researching the social tendencies and their effects on personal identity.

     may 2016 | trellis vase with cobalt, manganese, and neodymium tinted glaze | comfrey, wisteria, curly willow

Boone is about simplicity and form. She keeps most of her forms rather understated and these require the viewer to physically have them in their hand to notice the subtle details. Most of her pieces, like the one above, possess a domestic characteristic; thus they serve a purpose. Not only do they serve this purpose, the artwork subjects itself to open possibilities of affecting their users senses. Birdie’s work, as simple as it seems, affects the world around it. This vase-like form above not only serves the purpose of holding the flowers but it also activates the space around the flowers. Instead of seeing a typical centerpiece the viewer is invited to everything in it and around it as well.

I was attracted to Birdie’s pieces when I saw them within one of the booths during NCECA. I found them so enticing to look at for not only their beautiful glaze application but also for the simplicity. There were so many other things going on around me and yet her pieces grabbed my attention. It was at this point too that I felt inspired by her form to create something similar but far more dramatized (mostly the bottom form). Her process and forms are what currently give me inspiration.


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