Emily Myers by Jenny Clarkson

At age 12 Emily Myers realized that she loved to work with ceramics in her home town, London. In 1987 Myers graduated with a degree in ceramics from Bristol Polytechnics. Myers prefers to work in an environment that has multiple artist. That way she can get inspiration from them. In the late 1990’s her work changed when she moved to the countryside. She originally did architectural works but changed to organic ones. She pulls her inspiration from the things she sees around her. Currently she works with both red stoneware and porcelain clay on the wheel.

Emily Myers has a calmness to it that draws me in. Some of her earlier work is more loud but still draws in the viewer with repetitive patterns. Her use of organic shapes is also something that draws me in. I want majority of my pieces to have some sort of organic aspect. Her use of color pops out at the viewer but also has a calming side to it by the use of line in her vessels.





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