Cecil Kemperink

I came across Cecil’s work a few years ago as I began to make a few chains for some of my projects. She makes intricate circular links that bind together like chain mail, slip cast solid. Her forms were simple to start off with, simple trough forms or donut like bowls, their strength lie in the beautiful noise ceramics makes when moved around and their ability to be moved into new configurations.

I hadn’t really sought her out, as entertained by her forms I felt like she owned the chain mail business and didn’t want to make things to similar. I actually met her parents in Chautauqua who were intrigued by my performance piece with chain. While in the midst of my performance I remember how impactful the sounds were as the echoed and alerted people in every direction to my presence. Cecil has really exploited this in her recent performance series emphasising the sound of moving clay.

I really enjoy how she changed the line weight of the chain links as she made larger work, create a range of tones and visual density. Maybe some day we can collab!


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