Clémentine Dupré


Clémentine Dupré studied anthropology before attending the National School of Applied Arts Duperré in Paris. While attending art school she began her explorations in ceramics, and in specific initiated her body of work highlighting her interest in micro-organisms.


From first glance I was enamored by the growth like textures of Clémentine Dupré’s vessels. The simple forms are complemented with intricate applications of beaded texture reminiscent of naturally occurring organisms growing in nature. Yet, in some cases the use of a rather cold, subdued color palette entices a different consideration. Perhaps the formations that adorn the vessels are references to an invasive organism, or… just an aesthetic exploration. Regardless, the body of work provokes thought, and seduces the viewer into a closer look.




Post by Jamie Woodard

Sources and Images:

Clémentine Dupré


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