Bryan Hopkins

A very talented ceramics artist, studied in New York for his BFA and Pennsylvania for his MFA. Hopkins uses a cone 11 porcelain to its full potential, showcasing is fragility and strength, its pure color and its translucent quality. With the level of detail and craftsmanship he exhibits, its safe to say he shows the porcelain he uses justice.

On of the most impressive things that Hopkins does with his clay is the thinness.  He gets the slabs (and I say slabs lightly) so thin that their structural ability seems impossible. Paper thin taken is taken to a whole new level with Brian Hopkins’ ceramic work.

Bryan Hopkins makes both functional and dysfunctional (sculptural). Regardless its use, Hopkins crates forms reminiscent of an architecture of a different time. For me that time could believably be before, or even after our time.  1ffd8ec28b4c4cf2a96d9b8cb07af1a2

Another thing I enjoy in Hopkins art it the immaculate crispness, but still the forms hold the inevitability of the human touch. He also uses the dichotomy of organic and manmade materials through different textures he uses.  Whether that surface references a material manmade or not, it represent a manipulated form of that material.



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