Sarah Pike

Sarah Pike is a full time potter from British Columbia, Canada. She makes functional pottery with the use of hand-building slabs of which are inspired by the landscape around her home. Pike is also inspired by the antique tinware, different textured metal surfaces, and old objects that may be found in barns. Did I mention that she lives in an old but renovated mining house…how awesome is that! She received her undergrad from Alberta College of Art and Design in Alberta, Canada and went on to do her graduate studies at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. While doing so, she started a family, lived in a barn, and helped out with her husbands family’s ranch. Sarah and her family finally decided to say goodbye to the farm life and moved to Fernie, British Columbia which would allow for more studio time .


Pike’s pottery resembles many different forms of antique objects. While looking at them they seem to have a sense of personality. Their forms seem to carry of story of purpose and farm life. In her artist statement, Sarah explains that she purposely attempts to give her pottery a certain attitude/personality. The sharp lines of the form give the appearance of old metal tins that were used in the gardens on farms. They are crisp and solidly built. Also, the use of the metal frame of the handle and the actual handle being wooden only further invoke that Pike is going for an antique/aged appearance. She actually uses broken garden tools to make the handle, which only further pushes her ideas. The soft, delicate glaze application and choice of colors highlight the form and give detail to each edge of the pot. It enhances the idea that this piece in particular is hand built.

Sarah Pike is one of the reasons that I decided to attach pieces together in order to produce my form. Her mugs (not pictured) are an inspiration to the look that I want to achieve this semester. I also love her life  story and her inspiration that she gives to her pottery. The antique look that she recreates is the kind of application that I want to give to my pieces with the idea of remodeling and patterns. Sarah Pike represents that not only can she be a full time studio artist but that she can balance raising a family while doing so.


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