Adrian Villar Rojas

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Adrian Villar Rojas is based out of Argentina but works all over the globe with site specific installations and sculptures. He calls himself a film director, distancing himself from his most prevalent material, clay, and the stereotypes of artist/creator. The construction of his work is raw clay, concrete, and found objects that sometimes are seamless or abrupt in their integration, forming a dialogue between temporal, permanence, and artificial material existing in forced harmony.

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His scale demands attention, the mass submerges you into a dreamlike world full of fantastic and unfamiliar objects, animals, and people or evidence of civilization. Some break down before the audience while others stoically gaze back. Occasionally the pieces are so immersive you crawl over a maze of objects or walk between rows of alien artifacts that are oddly familiar.

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He is incredibly conceptual and tearing up the art world, his interview in the June 2016 Sculpture magazine left my mind reeling and I urge you to read it! I wish I could do it justice here by summing it up but I don’t believe I can. Here’s a quote from him to end the interview in response to the question; ““You said in Bone Magazine, “Processes are everything. Sculptures are just a byproduct or even a residue of those processes. I would not even call them ‘sculptures,’ for that discipline does not interest me at all.” Could you explain?””

A.V.R.: “I want to be a cat. Cats shit, sneak into a four-dimensional world, sleep both in wild and domestic spaces. They are like clay and cement, for they are always on the edge, reminding us of what we were before we became what we are now.”


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