Mineo Mizuno

Mizuno was born in Gifu, Japan in 1944. He studied art in Los Angeles at the California Institute for Art, Chouinard Art School. Mizuno boasts an extensive body of work, but it is his Moss series which first captured my attention and adoration. This series appropriately named “Coexistence” is the result of Mizuno’s work in landscape design and inspiration from his native country Japan.


Mizuno’s coalescing of clay and plant life in a simple sculptural form is visually stimulating. The smooth curves of the “pebble-like” shape and the softness of the moss complement the already organic relationship between the ceramic vessel and the verdure.


As someone who finds forests to be very spiritual places, and often stops to enjoy the moss, lichen, or fungus growing in the woods, I find Mizuno’s work soothing. Each of the pieces are both landscapes of their own, but also serve as landscape features when placed in an environment.

I am incredibly inspired by these living art pieces….


And I want one.


Post by Jamie Woodard

Sources and Images:



Living Art Blends Ceramics and Horticulture




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