Lauren Gallaspy

Combining 2D and 3D can be harder said than done, but Lauren Gallaspy has found the balance of using both.  She displays her comprehension of both in using them in a way that the drawing compliments the form, and vice versa. Looking at her work, she is clearly talented, and she is easily one of my favorite ceramics artists.


In her artist’s statement, she describes her work, as a depiction of balance-or the imbalance of its elements. When I look at her work, I see that instantly with her use of such contrasting elements.  Not only does she contrast 2D and 3D, other opposing elements such as organic-linear, line-form, intricate-simplicity-are at play in her artwork. Another main element of Lauren’s work is her reference to the human body. Although she uses pleasant colors (pinks, white, ect.) the work is actually exploring something grotesque and unsettling. The first thing that comes to mind is an organ like shape-not in a body but by itself, giving it an unsettling initial impression. The use of the tendril like strands also pushes the unsettling aspect. From her earlier work to her newer work, you can see a progression  of these clay strands. In her earlier work, they are more organic, slumping and limp.  In her recent work they are straight and structure like.  This development offers contrast to the rest of the form, making it more interesting for the viewer..


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