Doug Peltzman by Cassie Loran


Doug Peltzman is a ceramic studio artist currently in the Hudson Valley area of New York. He first began as a painter but graduated in 2005 from SUNY New Paltz (a public college located in New York) with a B.F.A. in Ceramics. For several years he worked as the ceramic area technician and adjunct professor at the University of Hartford. Shortly after, he received his Master in Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from Penn State University. Peltzman actively participates in national teaching workshops and one can often find his work located in everyday homes. His Artist Statement suggest that, “As a potter, I strive to craft a balance between dynamic surface and inviting form.”

Doug Peltzman 2

Doug Peltzman uses the types of designs on his cups to depict movement and various textures that correspond to the form of the work. His application of short, dotted, dashed lines enforces a paused moment for the viewer as if to take a break from viewing it as a solid form. Peltzmans choice of glazes further evoke moment as it trails along the under-glaze and forces it from its carved cavities. Often, these glazes blur the overall “sharpness” of the carved lines and application of under-glaze to soften the appearance. Peltzmans surface application is playful, detailed, and functional for everyday use and enjoyment.

Doug Peltzman is one of my many inspirations for surface design. The textures and patterns he uses are enjoyable because I find them to be very playful and unique but not overly simplified or complicated. I also enjoy that he seems to remain dedicated to particular shapes and patterns but uses them in various forms of design. The glazes that Peltzman uses are some of my favorites as well mainly for the fact that they are not concentrated and bold but a gentle wash of color that enhances the lines that he uses.

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