Asato Ikeda

Asato Ikeda4

Asato Ikeda was born in 1979 in Tobe Cho, Japan. He received his ceramics training at Arita Technical High School. After high school Ikeda taught ceramics to underprivileged youth as a volunteer. Although Ikeda continues his family tradition of pottery, and hints of that heritage are apparent, his experimental, sculptural forms reflect an updated take on tradition.

Ikeda’s ceramics embody a soothing presence. The unembellished, textural forms rely on movement, line, and activation of space to communicate and entice. Despite restraint in color and simplicity of form the work is expressive and appealing in it’s minimalism. Each piece, reminiscent of waves, snowy tundra, or a weathered iceberg, is a serene landscape of its own balanced with undulating ridges and valleys, smooth terrain with craggy regions, adorning a functional vessel. Each vessel is a sculptural artwork in itself. Each sculptural vessel a tactile experience as well as visual.

I am incredibly drawn to Ikeda’s work because in my own way I also seek to accomplish this experience in my ceramic vessels. Ikeda’s style is an inspiration to perhaps explore a more minimalist approach within my current body of work and to continue to push my ceramics to new places.

Asato Ikeda

Post by Jamie Woodard

Sources and Images:

Japanese Ceramics



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