Example Leonid Efremov by Tatiana Calkins

Ceramics 1 – 13-161-01(your class number)

Leonid Efremov (Artist name)

by Tatiana Calkins (Your name)

In my opinion, art is most beautiful when it catches a moment that can express the life and preserve the emotions of that moment, in its frame or shape. Leonid Afremov is one of my all-time favorite artists, and through all of his works I find inspiration and a desire to become more like him as an artist. He uses a pallet knife and oil paint to depict beautiful scenes, usually of scenery with people implemented in the midst of vibrant hues and his painterly style.

Born in Vitebsk, Belarus, his family struggled between the culture-clash of being Jewish, in Russian territory. Because of this, he was unable to participate in government exhibitions, forcing him to sell his works privately on his own.

In 1990 he and his family moved to Israel, and even there he was exploited because of his clash cultures. Him now being a Russian immigrant, he was hard pressed to enter in galleries, and even when he did, he made very little. Again Leonid started selling privately, and finding he made more through his own means, he soon saved up enough to open up his own gallery. However, still being discriminated against for his Russian roots, his gallery was savaged, many works ruined.

Leonid decided it was time to move to America in 2002. In America he was much more successful, and discovered eBay, allowing him to spread and sell his works much easier than before.

For me, and many other people, Afremov’s paintings are works of expression through emotion. He shows moments in time, usually a couple walking down a scenic street, or even just the scenery of manmade nature’s beauty, but the unique thing about his works, is that he can capture the emotions, and really give life to the painting through his choice of colors, and his rough style.

Many of his works show a path, seemingly wet and reflecting street lights and the colorful trees. To me, I think it shows his belief that life is tough, and the journey is long and rarely easy.This being said, you really just need to take a look around you to see how beautiful the world is, and take joy in what you have been blessed with, and know that it gets better. This is impressive to me that he can convey the world so beautifully, especially since how much he has gone through in just his life time.

Afremov’s works, are truly beautiful, and inspire me to try and bring in even half of the emotion and life that he does in just one of his paintings. I can only hope that I can convey elements of his work into mine as to imitate the excessive amounts of life he brings onto his unmoving, lifeless canvas.


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